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The Art Work of Kenny Irwin Jr 

RoboLights, the countries largest home decorated holiday display in Palm Springs CA

To be honest, I wasn't expecting much. Maybe a couple of robots made from spare parts in some guys backyard,surrounded by junk and a chain link fence. I couldn't have been more wrong. The assault of lights hits you when you turn onto the street. I was so amazed, I almost crashed. It was amazing, actual beyond amazing. It's seriously the best $5 you will ever spend.
Kenny IrwinKenny IrwinKenny Irwin's 'Robolights' Palm Springs 2014
In a neighborhood that was once home to some of Palm Springs movie royalty, is the residence of the artist Kenny Irwin Jr.  Irwin, who appeared on Conan in 2010 has been making these sculptures for over 20 years.  His Father's house takes up several acres, with 8 million lights, several giant inflatables, and over 150 sculptures spread out over the garden. It's almost impossible to take it all in on the first go around.


Kenny IrwinKenny IrwinKenny Irwin's 'Robolights' Palm Springs 2014
From demented gingerbread men to a toilet merry-go-round, the art is disturbing and brilliant, demented and childlike at the same time. There are Muslim and violent overtones, sitting side by side in chaos with an eerie Harikrishnas Christmas song playing on a loud loop. It was "house of a thousand corpses" meets "Dr. Seuss" on acid.
Dusk would be the perfect time to see both the detail
and the scale of the installation. If the neighbors or the police don't shut it down, we will be back!!



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