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Warehouse #1

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It has an eerie, yet proud quality about it, an outlying building not far from the bustling San Pedro Fisherman's Wharf.  Six stories of pure concrete.  Simple in decoration, dozens of neat rows of concrete heads evenly spaced up the sides of the building. Erected in 1917, it still stands solid,  three years shy of its 100th birthday.  At the time, it was the largest structure of its kind, west of Chicago, and the only bonded warehouse for many years, and boasted that it could hold 24 freight cars.  It eventually became known as the keeper of unusual things in the 1950's due to its brief status as a "foreign island" or "free city", where items could be sold, inspected and re-exported. You can only imagine the type of items that were seen there.  One of the most interesting being the railroad car that carried Winston Churchhill's body, which never left the warehouse and was stored there for many years.


© Karl Polverino All Rights Reserved


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