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Blessing of the Animals

April 20, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Where was the "blessed" camel?

Olivera street is the place to be on  the Saturday before Easter.  Since 1930, Angelenos have made the pilgrimage to have their animals blessed.  

We spoke to one local.  family who have been part of the procession for over 40 years. The parade host family, from a local farm in Altadena,  was 25 strong – not including the llama, goats, chickens and sheep dogs.  


Two proud prancing stallions brought up the rear of the parade. Hundreds of pet owners cruised past the grandstand, where Cardinal Gomez doused hundreds of dogs and their owners with holy water.  


As we roamed the square, watching the various performers,  we came across "Rico Suave"  a pimped out chihuahua in a fedora, proudly sporting his outfit. Other highlights included a newborn kitten in a blanket and a tortoise in a sombrero.  Except for the absent camel, it was the perfect day.



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