Karl Polverino Photography | Del Mar County Fair

Del Mar County Fair

July 10, 2014  •  Leave a Comment
More than Just Bacon Dipped in Chocolate.
Yes, it is a food fest.  Yes, it's hot and crowded.  And yes, there is a possibility of seeing an awesome band from the 80's for free. 
But there is a lot more to the fascination of the county fair for us.  Maybe it's the working class answer to the corporate sellout of Disneyland and Universal Studios. 
Maybe it's the fact that we can see farm animals, taste wine, eat BBQ and see an antique swing ride that came straight from Jackson's Neverland ranch -  all in one afternoon.
There is always the allure of the side-show act,  and the ability to travel back in time to see folks working with wood, clay, and fruit to make amazing, artfully crafted goods.
Del Mar county fair is the first in the succession of many county fairs happening this summer -  O.C., Ventura and L.A county.
Maybe next year, we'll make the pilgrimage to Sacramento to see the State Fair.  
But for now, we're staying local and enjoying the best summer day you can have for under $50.


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