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Hearst Castle

May 04, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
There is something magical about the central coast.  Maybe it’s the mist in the morning.  
But the light seems softer, the hills seem greener and the people are definitely friendlier.
We started our weekend with a tour of the Piedras Blancas Lighthouse. 
Managed by the Park service, the two hour tour is pretty awesome.
The history of the property, the flora and fauna, the wildlife and the people are all covered.  
All for ten bucks.
Piedras Blancas LighthousePiedras Blancas Lighthouse
The vantage point to the elephant seals from the old Pierdras Blancas hotel is way better than the “tourist” lookout.
You can get much closer and there is a little pond where the males are sparring just yards away from the road.
Saturday night we booked the Hearst Castle Night tour. 
Loved the addition of the twenties extras, roaming the property.
Definitely brought the tour to life.  The mist was rolling in as we went up the hill.
Loved seeing the upper floors and WRH’s personal study, library and bedrooms, along with the usual tour stops.
Hearst Castle Night tour.Hearst Castle Night tour.
Definitely want to look into becoming a park ranger when we retire.
I hear they have special privileges to the Hearst castle and get an opportunity to swim in the Neptune pool very year.
Sign me up.


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