Karl Polverino Photography | Salton Sea revisited

Salton Sea revisited

July 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

We decided to make a spontaneous trip to the Salton Sea, since it's pretty desolate and easily accessible during the summer months.
The first thing we noticed was that most of the natural and original building landmarks are gone and "No trespassing" signs were up in force, posted by IID- Imperial Irrigation District.  

There appeared to be some sort of Algae bloom in the lake inlets in a disturbing neon purple color. Very still, strange, and apocalyptic.

We took a side trip to Salvation Mountain, which is way more impressive than it appears in images. The creator, Leonard Knight, died a few years ago, and was wondering if the area had started to decline.

Even though the tempature was peaking at 108, we pushed on to Slab City and the East Jesus encampment.  During the winter, thousands of snowbirds flock to the area, but there are only 150 die-hard residents that call this barren desert home.  At the edge of town is a spectacular sculpture garden, which has recently been recognized as a museum.  Didn't see a soul, but can only imagine the characters that live there.

We headed back to the north shore point and despite the heat, flies, and the smell, we were rewarded with a perfect sunset, and an unexpected full moon rising, complete with an impressive display of pelicans and cranes. As the light faded, we were reminded why this area is so interesting.



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